Sunday, 24 January 2016

So sorry

Sorry for the long absence!

The holiday seasons were quite hectic for me as we had to travel to two countries in December and then my son was down with a bad flu right after our trip from Gold Coast Australia.  And after he got better, it was my turn to be down.

I stopped crafting right after Christmas as my hubby and I had made plans to relocate my crafting area and reshuffle our rooms.  And now I've got a bigger, tidier and prettier crafting table and space!

As I promised to share the Christmas cards and projects I've made, in my earlier post (sorry I know Christmas is way over!) well, it's better to be late than never.  So here they are!

If you have notice, all the above projects were made with Purple Onion Designs stamps, particularly from Stacey Yacula's collection, I simply love her illustrations! And I was so happy when Purple Onion Designs approached me and gave me the opportunity to join the Christmas design team!  It's such a bonus and an honor to be able to use the new collection of Snowflake Grove stamps on top of the existing stamps to create cards, project and ornaments for Christmas!

I really had a fun time creating projects and cards with all the stamps from Purple Onion Designs and it really made my Christmas a little more special!  

Hope you had a fun-filled holiday as I did! (minus the flu episode!) Please do check back soon as I promise to keep my blog updated as often as I can! ^_^ 

Till then, happy crafting!

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